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About Tash

Tash Becker, previously known as Tash Lockhart, is a singer, performer and certified Level 1 IVA Vocal Coach with experience beyond the ordinary. Tash has been performing professionally since 2015 on national stages. In 2016 she placed 3rd on The Voice Australia, signed a record deal with Universal Music Australia, & began working with industry professionals in both the Secular & Christian artist sector; such as Tones & I, Liz Webber, Ronan Keating, Benjamin Hastings & Ben Fielding. 

Tash has been a natural singer for as long as she can remember, however as she began to take her voice more seriously, she realised the importance of proper training, which was where she first discovered Speech Level Singing (SLS). This sparked her interest in vocal technique, but she was later introduced to the IVA methodology through her voice teacher Lara, who has helped Tash discover the freedom in her vocal ability that she needed in order to sing with control, longevity and creativity. 

Since then, Tash’s desire to see other vocalists sing in their free and natural manner, has driven her to study with IVA to be a certified vocal coach. Her education sparked a deep passion to train vocalists to become the best that they can be, and she believes education should not stop. Three years into her training and teaching, she is continuing her studies so that she can always be advancing her knowledge & lessons for students. 

Singing Teacherr.jpg
Tash Lockhart performs Clarity on The Voice Australia 2016
Tash Lockhart sitting on a chair
Tash Lockhart sings heroes on The Voice Australia in the best super battle rounds
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