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Private lessons are the best way for you to achieve vocal balance and develop a voice that you are proud of and feel confident to sing with in any setting.

I do not teach vocalists under 8 years old, and a basic ear for pitch and musical coordination is needed.

You can book a 15 minute voice assessment with me online if you are unsure what level your vocal ability might be at, or you simply want a voice analysis.

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Private Lessons

What to Expect From your Private Lessons

In your first lesson you will take a vocal assessment which will give me the information I need to know to determine where your biggest challenges are in your voice that are stopping you from achieving vocal balance and having the strongest voice you can have. From this analysis, I will explain why this is occurring, and prepare a vocal plan consisting of vocalises and songs to move you closer towards your goal and a balanced phonation. 

- Discover, strengthen and affirm your chest and head registers

- Learn to connect both registers into a strong mix voice (this will give you optimal range, control and flexibility within your voice)

- Learn to blend the low, middle and high transitions in your voice in order to seamlessly sing with "one voice"

- Learn how to sing with a beautiful, balanced voice, without excessive breathiness or straining 

- Discover your unique sound and learn to apply it safely and effectively to songs with confidence 

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