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Institute of Vocal Advancement

The Institute of Vocal Advancement was established in 2013 by a group of 9 singing teachers with 120+ years of combined teaching experience. While all sharing the same passion and desire, their goal is to train singing teachers from all over the world with the best method for teaching vocalists. 


Vocal balance is the core of what is taught under the IVA technique. It is the foundation for developing vocalists to sing in a healthy and connected manner that serves their artistry. An IVA teacher’s job is to enable their students to sing effectively through this balance and connectivity, allowing them to sing with freedom and style and not be restricted by straining, cracking and breaking. 


The IVA education is an ongoing licensing certification that offers the highest quality teaching education to voice teachers world wide. This means that teachers who are IVA certified, have taken extensive training and testing to gain their licence, and must continue their testing each year to remain certified. This holds IVA teachers to the highest level of accountability, making certain that the education and growth of the teacher never stops. 

Institute for Vocal Advancement IVA Instructor 1

A singer's voice is such a personal gift, so to be entrusted with the responsibility to teach and develop their craft, is my greatest honour.


Let's Work Together!

I want to see YOU reach your highest potential in more than just your vocal ability. We will work on your technique, and then apply it to songs, harmonies, performances, songwriting and more!

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